How do I wash dishes properly?


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It is easiest to wash dishes properly by getting organized at the start of the process, according to Dummies.com. Start with a clean dish drying rack by putting away any leftover clean dishes from the last wash. Stack the dirty dishes in one sink according to type, separating the glasses, the plates and the silverware. Use plenty of hot water, but use dish-washing soap sparingly.

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How do I wash dishes properly?
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If you are using an enamel sink to wash dishes, line the sink with a dish towel before cleaning anything that is fragile, since enamel is hard enough to scratch or break many materials. Instead of soaking dirty dishes overnight, Dummies.com recommends soaking them briefly in cold water, which affords just enough time to loosen the debris without allowing bacteria to accumulate in the dirty water. For pots and pans that have a non-stick finish, avoid cleaning with scratchy abrasives, and make sure to cover the non-stick surface with vegetable oil every few washes to prolong the life of the coating. For effective rinsing, fill one sink with hot water, use the other sink for washing and rinse your dishes in the full sink as you go. This helps eliminate waste from a running tap.

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