How Do You Wash Dishes Correctly by Hand?


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To wash dishes by hand, scrape debris off the dishes, fill your sink with detergent and water, and wash the dishes in the sink. Wash the dishes in order from least to most dirty. Rinse the suds off the dishes, and dry them with a towel.

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  1. Prepare the dishes

    Scrape all leftover food on the dishes into the trash. Stack the dishes according to their level of dirtiness.

  2. Fill the sink

    Fill your sink with hot water, and add the appropriate amount of dish detergent.

  3. Wash each dish

    Wash each dish by running a sponge or rag over every portion of the dish while submerging it in water. Check the dish for cleanliness, and keep scrubbing until satisfied. To keep the water fresh, wash the dishes in order of least to most dirty.

  4. Rinse each dish

    Using a separate sink, completely rinse each dish after washing it. If you don't have another sink, rinse the dish in a pan of hot water. Change the water in the rinse pan frequently until the dishes are clean.

  5. Hand dry each dish

    Hand dry each dish with a towel, and put the dishes away. Use paper towels to dry pans and cooking utensils.

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