How Do You Wash a Cushie Pillow?


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Cushie pillows contain microbeads and require special washing. However, it only takes a washer, a dryer and a few simple steps to clean the pillow and restore its freshness.

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  1. Prepare the Cushie pillow

    Check the Cushie pillow tag to see if there are any special washing instructions. Next, tie the Cushie pillow in a pillow case before washing. Doing this offers additional protection during the washing process.

  2. Use the washer

    Wash the Cushie pillow with a complete load of matching colors in a top-load washer. If you have a front-load washer, this step does not matter. For either type, wash the Cushie pillow with heavy towels to reduce the risk of the pillow floating on top of the wash. Use warm water and the washer's gentle setting, and avoid using chlorine bleach because it may damage the pillow.

  3. Dry the Cushie pillow

    Decide which method is best for drying the Cushie pillow. If using a dryer, make sure that the temperature is on its lowest setting to reduce any damage. Otherwise, air dry the pillow indoors or out. Keep in mind that the dryer may malfunction and damage the Cushie pillow, making air drying a safer option in the end.

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