How Do You Wash Cotton Clothes?

How Do You Wash Cotton Clothes?

Cotton is a natural fiber that has been used for making cloth for at least 3,000 years. Cotton clothing is relatively easy to wash, as long as you separate the clothing by color and wash on the correct settings.

  1. Separate clothing by color

    Be sure to separate white items, light color items and dark items into different loads. Although most cotton clothing is made from cloth that has already been washed many times to be sure the dyes are permanent, some more colorful cotton clothing may still bleed when washed.

  2. Read the label

    Most cotton can be safely washed on the normal cycle of the washing machine, but read the label of each individual garment to be sure it is washed on the right setting to avoid shrinking and bleeding. Separate any items that require the gentle cycle. In the absence of a label, wash cotton clothing in cold water on the gentle cycle to prevent any damage or shrinking.

  3. Wash items in the washing machine

    Unless noted on the label, set your washing machine on the normal cycle in warm water. Remove promptly from the machine.

  4. Dry and iron the clothing

    Tumble dry on low heat, or let your items air dry. Use a hot iron if the clothing is wrinkled, ironing the clothing inside out. Spray starch can be used while ironing to make cotton clothing stiff and crisp.