How Do You Wash Colored Clothes?


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To properly wash colored clothing, begin by reading and following the directions on the care label. Wash the colored clothes separately from the white clothes. To prevent fading and wear and tear, turn clothing inside-out before washing, use cold water and avoid overfilling the washing machine.

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For dark-colored clothing, choose a brand of detergent that is mild and specially formulated to protect colors, or try using a smaller amount of regular detergent. Avoid powdered detergent, as undissolved particles can build up on dark clothing and affect the color. If the washing machine does not have an automatic detergent dispenser, add the soap first to avoid issues with spots or residue on the clothing. When using a spot remover, test for fading on an unnoticeable area of the clothing first. Adding a cup of vinegar to the washing machine also prevents colors from fading and acts as a natural fabric softener.

To avoid fading, it is best to dry colored clothing on an indoor drying rack, or use a clothes dryer. Set a timer on the clothes dryer to avoid overdrying, and remove the clothing when it is still slightly damp. Do not dry colored clothes in direct sunlight or on an outdoor clothesline.

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