How Do You Wash Clothes?


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The first step in washing clothes is to read the care label. The clothing should then be separated into light-colored clothing, including whites, pastels and grays, and dark-colored clothing, including blacks, reds and dark blues. Laundry detergent should be added to the washing machine first, followed by the desired load of clothing, and then the washing machine must be turned on with the appropriate water temperature and washing cycle selected.

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Before washing, clothing should be examined for stains and pockets emptied. Any clothing that is stained must be pretreated with a stain remover or laundry detergent. It is best to close zippers and buttons to avoid snagging. Turning items inside out protects fabric finishes and prevents fading.

In addition to separating clothing by color, sorting by fabric type is recommended. For instance, in the dark load, it is best to wash items such as jeans and T-shirts separately from blouses and dress pants. If these items must be washed together, it is important to choose the washer cycle and water temperature that accommodates the most delicate items being washed. Washing in cold water is generally advised unless the clothing is heavily soiled or stained. When loading the washer, it is important to place clothes inside one at a time and ensure the washer is not overfilled.

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