How Do I Wash a Chenille Throw?

wash-chenille-throw Credit: Lisa Yarost/CC-BY-2.0

The general care instructions of washing a chenille throw include hand washing in cold water with mild detergent, or using the delicate settings on machines, followed by line drying. Chenille is defined by how it is made, not what it is made of, so the structure of the pile is most important in washing.

The pile of the chenille can be affected by washing, and this may cause excessive lint to be deposited on other items washed or dried with it. To prevent this, place the throw in a pillow case prior to washing. When hand washing, limit the amount of friction used as this causes the pile of the throw to be damaged and excessively shed fibers. High or prolonged heat causes the chenille to lose the quality of softness, so low heat or air drying is best.

In order to prevent damage to the edges of the throw, braid the strands that make up the fringe prior to washing. The chenille loses shape if not dried flat or reshaped during the drying process. In the event that the chenille is very delicate, dry cleaning may be best. If the chenille is heavily soiled, repeated hand washing is recommended above harsh cleaners such as bleach.