How Do You Wash a Chenille Blanket?

How Do You Wash a Chenille Blanket?

To wash a chenile blanket, hand wash it in warm water with a gentle soap. Avoid rubbing the fabric together. Rinse the blanket and carefully wring out the excess water. Dry the blanket by hanging it on a line or drying it in the dryer.

  1. Hand wash the chenile blanket

    Fill a sink or bowl with warm water and add a gentle detergent. Agitate the water slightly with your hand to mix in the soap. Add the blanket, and swish it gently through the water. Do not rub the fabric together as that might damage the delicate nap.

  2. Rinse out the soapy water

    Rinse the blanket several times in cold water. Be sure to use clean water each time so you completely remove all the detergent.

  3. Remove the excess water before drying

    Carefully wring out the blanket to avoid causing any damage. For extra care, roll the blanket in an absorbent towel.

  4. Dry the blanket gently

    Choose either line drying or using a dryer. Line drying is gentle, but the blanket is not as soft afterward. Drying in the dryer needs to be done on a gentle setting. If you choose to use the dryer, place the damp blanket into a pillowcase to confine the shedding. Also, dry it separately so your other items do not emerge with chenile blanket fuzz on them.