How Do You Wash Cashmere?


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To clean cashmere, do not use a washer or a dryer. Instead, hand wash and air dry the garment to help extend its life and avoid unnecessary dry-cleaning expenses.

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  1. Set up your wash station

    Fill your sink with water that is about 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Water that is too hot can cause dye in the cashmere to bleed. Add about a tablespoon of mild shampoo or soap, or fine-washable detergent, to the water. Move your hand in the water to help the shampoo, soap or detergent more evenly mix with the water.

  2. Hand wash the cashmere

    Put one garment into the water. While still holding it, move it in a clockwise circular pattern for about five minutes. If you keep the garment in the water for too long, you run the risk of ruining it by causing it to fade or its dyes to bleed. To avoid pilling, don't pull or stretch the cashmere, and don't rub it against itself.

  3. Rinse the cashmere

    Drain the sink, and then re-fill it with warm, clean water. Place the cashmere in the clean water to remove any suds. If the water becomes too sudsy, take out the cashmere, drain the sink, re-fill it with warm water, and put the cashmere back into the water. Repeat until you can put in the cashmere and see no suds in the water.

  4. Ball and press fabric

    Gently make a ball with the material and press it against the side of the sink. This will help get rid of any extra water in the cashmere. Do not wring out the garment, as doing so can ruin it.

  5. Roll the sweater in a towel

    Place a towel on a flat surface and then put the cashmere on it. The towel should be the same size or slightly bigger than the garment. While holding the edges of the towel, roll it and the garment toward you, pressing gently as you do so. This will help remove more water from the garment. Repeat as necessary.

  6. Air dry the sweater

    Place the sweater on a flat surface to dry, or hang it on drying rack. Let the cashmere fully dry.

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