How Do I Wash Blood Stains Out of Panties?


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To remove bloodstains from panties, treat quickly with cold water, apply soap or peroxide, use an enzyme treatment then wash. If those steps do not work, try using bleach to eliminate the stain.

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  1. Treat the cloth as soon as possible

    It is much easier to get blood stains out of panties if the stain is fresh. Soaking the panties in cold water helps prevent the stain from setting. Try wetting the cloth with cold water if you can't treat the stain immediately.

  2. Use an enzyme treatment

    For dried stains or very tough stains, spray on a laundry pre-treater. Find one that contains enzymes to break up the blood in the fabric. If needed, let the panties soak in cool water again after treating.

  3. Apply soap or peroxide

    After soaking the panties, use a laundry soap to scrub the stained area. Rub both sides of the panties together to create a lather. For tougher stains or for light-colored fabric, dab the area with hydrogen peroxide. Peroxide has a mild bleaching effect, so test your fabric if necessary.

  4. Launder the item

    Wash the panties according to the directions on their label. Use the detergent you normally use for delicate items. For very tough bloodstains, use color-safe bleach in the wash. You can also pour a small amount of bleach directly on the panties, but check the label to be sure the bleach is safe for the fabric. Do not dry panties with heat until the stain is gone, as heat will permanently set the stain in the fabric.

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