How Do You Wash a Baseball Cap?


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Wash a baseball cap by hand or in a washing machine using a mild detergent. The best method to use depends on the material used to make the hat.

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  1. Determine the cap's material

    Look for a tag or stamp inside the hat that tells what material the cap is made from. Caps made of cotton, polyester, nylon and twill can be washed in a washing machine. A wool cap should be washed by hand.

  2. Wash a cap in the washing machine

    Wash the baseball cap in the washing machine in cold water on the gentle cycle. Use a mild detergent. If the cap is stained, use a stain remover or pre-wash cycle to help remove the marks.

  3. Wash a cap by hand

    Hand wash a cap in cold to warm water. Rub the hat gently using mild detergent to remove dirt. Wool materials require a special cleaning detergent. Rinse the hat thoroughly in cool water.

  4. Dry the cap

    Never machine dry a washed baseball cap. Let the hat air dry on a can or on your head so that it retains its original shape.

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