How Do You Wash 100-Percent Cotton Clothes?

You can use a washing machine and dryer to clean 100 percent cotton clothing. There are some basic guidelines to follow to keep your clothes in the best condition.

  1. Read the label

    Before you wash a garment, read the tags to see if the manufacturer has given specific care instructions. Follow these instructions carefully for best results.

  2. Use the proper temperature

    Cotton is highly susceptible to shrinking at high temperatures. To avoid shrinkage, most cotton items should be washed in warm or cold water. You can use the lowest dryer setting for cotton clothing, but hanging the items to air dry is the best way to maintain their shape and size. Certain cotton items, such as underwear and bed linens, should be washed in warm or hot water to remove any body soil and fluids. These items should be dried in the dryer, as well.

  3. Use cleaning products with care

    Chlorine bleach weakens cotton fibers, so don't apply undiluted bleach to cotton clothing. If you need to bleach a cotton item, use a diluted solution. However, this can still weaken fibers over time, so avoid using bleach regularly. Different stain removal and laundry products can affect cotton clothing. Carefully read the labels on your garments and laundry products before attempting to clean cotton items.