What Warranties Come With Viking Appliances?

Viking indoor appliances from the Professional line come with 3-year warranties, while outdoor Professional appliances have 2-year warranties. However, Professional VDD Downdraft and FDW dishwasher models only have a 1-year warranty. Viking Series 3 appliances also only have a 1-year warranty.

Viking's appliance warranties are considered to be full warranties of the product, though specific terms and conditions affecting each product are defined in the product manual. Viking offers a product support phone line for its major appliances for warranty repair requests and scheduling with authorized service providers, as well as another support line for technical information and product use questions. It is also possible to submit a customer support request online or find authorized service providers near a particular geographic area or zip code through Viking's website.

Buyers seeking to take advantage of the extended warranty period on Viking products should be certain that their product is considered a Professional product. Viking 5 and 7 series appliances are not necessarily considered Professional series products and may only be covered by a 1-year warranty. Viking Professional outdoor products also had only one year of warranty coverage until 2013, so outdoor appliances older than 2012 are likely to be out of the original factory warranty.