How Are Walls in Mobile Homes Painted?


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Use basic cleaning and painting supplies to paint mobile-home walls. Because generic paint doesn't provide the maximum adhesion needed for mobile home walls, use premium paint products.

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How Are Walls in Mobile Homes Painted?
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Paint can be bought with primer already mixed in or separate from the paint, and these materials are generally available from any local retailer. Mobile homes use vinyl on wall panels, and these walls have a shiny finish. Instead of using tape to cover seams as you would with drywall, use batten strips over them. Before painting, decide whether to remove the battens. If they are left in place, simply paint over them. However, if you remove them, fill in the seams.

Before painting, fill in any holes in the walls with spackling compound, and sand each one. Use painters tape to cover the ceiling and trim, and then cover the floors and furniture near the painting site with newspaper or drop cloths. If the primer is already mixed in with the paint, paint a light coat first. Otherwise, prime the walls with a light coat before going back over the primer with a heavier coat of paint. Allow the walls to dry before applying a second and third coat of paint to the walls.

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