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Outdoor walkways can be spruced up using concrete, stones, colors, patterns, steps and walls. A decorative concrete option is stamped concrete, which is made from materials such as brick and slate. Stamped concrete is adaptable to any number of designs, including natural wood planking. An alternative to stamped concrete is stenciled concrete; stone patterns are often stenciled into concrete to give the look of a natural stone design.

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Homeowners seeking more creative options may decide to opt for artistic natural stone pathways. One idea for a stone front walkway is to layer large slabs of slate stone over a bed of small, colorful stones. Another idea is to intermingle stones with wood. Create a natural walkway in a grassy area by placing square stones in a track pattern over grass. Stones of any color can be used to create intricate designs. For example, a backyard walkway might consist of colorful stones arranged in the shapes of butterflies. Intriguing contrast can be created by using multiple colors instead of one.

Another way to use contrast is to incorporate steps into the walkway. Steps can be curved or square and of any size and color. Add more drama to a front or back pathway with elegant balustrades or a fountain.

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