Does the Wal-Mart Website Contain Paint Color Charts?


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While Walmart.com does not have specific paint color charts, a shopper can look for paint by different color groups. For example, the site gives a user the ability to search for brown paints, and then shows pages of results.

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Does the Wal-Mart Website Contain Paint Color Charts?
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Showing paint color charts on a screen does not provide a reliable reference for the actual color. Computer screens use just three colors (red, green and blue) to create all the colors a user sees. A printed swatch uses four colors (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) to reproduce color. When paint is mixed, the base color used and the colors mixed into that base are different from both a screen and from printed material. This makes it difficult to show actual paint colors without using real paint swatches. A professional can use a variety of tools to make a more perfect match.

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