What Are Some Vinyl Gazebo Styles?


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Some vinyl gazebo styles include the classic octagon vinyl gazebo, the octagon pagoda gazebo and the octagon heritage gazebo. As of 2015, photographs of these and other vinyl style gazebos are available from Shedman.com.

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The classic octagon vinyl gazebo features eight short sides with an open entrance and railings on seven sides. The open-air design features a sloped roof and decorative top.

The octagon Pagoda gazebo features eights sides and an open entrance almost identical to the plans for a classic octagon gazebo. However, there is a second roof section that is referred to as a pagoda that adds ornamental detail to the gazebo.

The octagon heritage gazebo offers eight sides with a distinct door to enter the gazebo and screen material to protect against bugs. It features many fine details in the slats and upper areas.

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