How Is Vinegar Used for Flea Control?

Vinegar is used for flea control by adding it to a pet’s drinking water and a pet’s bath, spraying the pet with a vinegar solution as a conditioner, and soaking the pet’s linen. Vinegar is acidic and sour, and it gets rid of fleas as they can’t withstand its smell.

One way to kill fleas is by adding apple cider vinegar to a pet's drinking water. Due to its acidity, the vinegar alters the skin, making it unpleasant to the fleas. The skin repels the fleas preventing the infestation or gets rid of the fleas on an already infested pet. Adding vinegar to cat’s drinking water is not advisable as it can get very acidic, causing major health issues.

A mixture of vinegar and water helps create a pet’s baths that leaves the pets flea-free. Lathering the pet with soap, adding a stream of vinegar, and allowing it to sit for a while, enables it to create an environment that makes the skin unpalatable to the fleas. One should alternate between streams of water and those of vinegar when rinsing the pet. Soaking the pet’s bedding for some hours in a vinegar solution and then washing them helps kill the flea eggs and larvae. One can also control fleas by spraying the pet with a vinegar solution from time to time.