Where Do You Find Verismo-Compatible Pods?

Starbucks sells pods for its Verismo coffee machine on its online store. Customers can also find the pods at Amazon, while Costco offers them in bulk.

Starbucks' online store sells Verismo pods in packs of 12, 16, 96 and 192. Some of the available flavors include Roast Espresso, Colombia Narino Espresso, Sumatra Brewed Coffee, Colombia Brewed Coffee and Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Espresso. The website also sells pods of the classic Starbucks brewed coffee, decaf coffee and Caffe Latte. Customers can purchase milk pods to create their own coffee drinks using their Verismo machine.

In addition to selling Verismo pods, Amazon also sells foil seals to reuse pods and display cases. Costco offers pods in packs of 72.