How does a ventless stove work?


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Ventless stoves work by burning the natural gas or propane with greater than 99 percent efficiency so they do not require a direct vent. Their high efficiency prevents them from producing deadly carbon monoxide gas.

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There are many types of ventless appliances available as of 2015. Thin heaters attach to the wall or floor to provide space heating in the home. Some homeowners choose to locate them in front of an existing fireplace. However, there is also a vent-free option for gas logs. Unlike vented gas log sets, that are primarily a decorative item and not for heating, vent-free logs provide the same high efficiency as ventless gas stoves. In homes without a fireplace, there is the option of mounting a vent-free fireplace flush against the wall to add a focal point to a room.

Vent-free appliances are often the object of bad publicity. However, the Vent-Free Gas Products Association indicates new vent-free appliances have an oxygen depletion sensor that acts like a circuit breaker for electricity. It shuts off the gas supply any time the oxygen levels drop too low. The units operate within the national standards for indoor air quality and do not create enough moisture to facilitate a mold growth problem in 99 percent of the homes in the United States.

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