How Does a Ventless Air Conditioner Work?


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A ventless, or ductless, air conditioner is a two-part system that connects an indoor unit to an outdoor one with small cables and a refrigerant line that deliver electricity and eliminate water. Ductless cooling is suitable for homes without an existing central heating or cooling system.

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How Does a Ventless Air Conditioner Work?
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The outdoor unit is a compressor which is typically installed on a concrete slab next to the house. The indoor unit has a fan with thermostat and blower controls, and it is typically installed high on the wall near the ceiling. Ductless air conditioners are operated by remote or preset to a certain temperature and fan speed.

Through the copper lines, the compressor provides refrigerant to the indoor unit. The fan on the indoor unit turns and blows cool air into the room. The cooler air drops as the warm air rises. Then the indoor unit captures the warm air and condensation and moves it outside through the copper lines.

Ductless air conditioning systems can be installed in one room or split between multiple rooms which allows for cooling in specific zones of the home. These units are able to improve overall air quality and maintain a stable room temperature. A ductless system is less noisy and uses less electricity than a standard central cooling system.

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