How Do You Vent a Gas Furnace?

How Do You Vent a Gas Furnace?

To vent a gas furnace, decide on what type of venting to use, measure the distance of venting needed, purchase metal vent piping and attach the venting from the furnace to the chimney. Proper venting of a gas furnace removes harmful toxins from the air, and should only be done by persons with the expertise, tools, materials and equipment to properly perform the installation.

To install a vent from a gas furnace to a venting chimney:

  1. Prepare to install the vent
  2. Decide which venting will be used and measure the distance from the furnace vent to the chimney. Purchase metal vent piping and elbow joints to accommodate the measurements.

  3. Install the vent
  4. Start at the furnace and work toward the chimney, making certain the crimped ends of the pipe are facing toward the chimney exit to allow for proper connection. Use sheet metal screws to connect pipes together.

  5. Seal and inspect
  6. Seal all joints and seams with high-temperature silicone caulking to ensure that all seals and joints are air-tight. Confirm proper seal and installation with an HVAC home inspector.