How Do You Vent a Fire Brick Pizza Oven Properly?


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Unlike a conventional fireplace, which has a chimney located in the rear of its firebox, a brick pizza oven usually requires a venting system assembled outside of the oven chamber, often in the front of the unit. The most common material for such venting systems is steel.

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How Do You Vent a Fire Brick Pizza Oven Properly?
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While the vent shaft is the most important element of the brick oven's venting system, it is important to recognize two other entities. First, there is the door itself, through which the food product is delivered into the oven chamber. This allows for some egress of heat. Additionally, there is the option of placing another opening near the actual oven vent and landing. For aesthetic purposes, each of these openings can be adorned with brick arches.

The types of materials used for the actual chimney vent shaft differ, especially with regard to whether the oven is intended for indoor or outdoor use. For indoor use, Forno Bravo suggests using triple-wall pipe, while double-wall metal pipe is recommended for outdoor applications. It is also advisable to place a spark arrestor at the top of the vent, a device that stops the emission of any flammable material from combustible sources, such as the brick oven. It is equally important that builders of such ovens consult local building codes and permit processes in their state or municipality to ascertain the legality of certain materials, plans and procedures.

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