How Do You Vent a Dryer?

To vent a dryer, find the best exit route for the metal duct, measure the path, drill the vent hole, install the vent cap outside, and then connect the duct to the vent cap and the dryer. For vents longer than a few feet, secure the duct work with supports.

  1. Find and measure the vent route

    Find the shortest route with the fewest turns from the dryer to the outside wall. Make sure the location is suitable from the outside. Then, measure from the center of the exhaust port to the exit point, and add length for any bends. Once the duct route is measured, purchase the necessary length of duct, fittings and a vent cap.

  2. Install the vent cap

    Mark the center of the vent hole, and drill a 1/4-inch test hole. Go outside, and check the fit of the vent cap, and look for any obstructions, such as wiring or duct work. Using a bi-metal hole saw, bore a 4 1/4-inch hole. Insert the vent cap into the hole, square it off, and secure with screws and caulk. Caulk the inside of the vent as well.

  3. Install the vent duct

    Attach elbows to the dryer and the inside of the vent cap. Cut the 4-inch metal duct to size, and attach it to the elbows. Seal the seams with metal foil tape. Plug the dryer in, and run it to test the flap on the vent cap.