How Do You Vent a Basement Dryer?

Install a basement dryer vent by positioning the drier to minimize the length of the run, drilling a pilot hole through the rim joist, cutting the vent hole, installing the vent cap, and attaching the duct to the dryer. Installing a new vent can help clothes dry more quickly.

  1. Minimize the length of the duct

    Locate the dryer to ensure the maximum duct length is 15 feet with a maximum of two 90-degree turns. The vent cap must have a minimum clearance of 12 inches from the ground.

  2. Drill a pilot hole through the rim joist

    Drill a 1/4 inch pilot hole through the rim joist. Check for any obstructions and relocate the location of the vent hole as necessary.

  3. Cut the vent hole

    Use a 4 1/2 inch hole saw and power drill to cut the vent hole. Use a bimetal saw that cuts through nails and other obstructions. Work slowly, allowing the saw to pass through the material effectively.

  4. Install the vent cap

    Insert the tube from the vent cap through the hole. Attach the vent cap to the wall.

  5. Install the duct

    Wear leather gloves to protect your fingers. Snap together rigid steel duct to connect the dryer to the vent. If the duct requires shortening, use tin snips to cut it to the right length before snapping it together.