How Do You Get Vegetable Oil Out of Carpet?

Remove vegetable oil from carpet by using rubbing alcohol and diluted dish detergent. Use a clean white towel or a white paper towel to blot up the stain during the cleaning process.

  1. Use a white towel to blot up the stain

    Blot as much of the cooking oil up from the carpet as possible using a white towel. You can use either a cloth or paper towel. If you choose a paper towel, make sure there are no designs on the towel. The dyes could run and further stain the carpeting.

  2. Apply rubbing alcohol to the stain

    Apply rubbing alcohol to the stain, and blot with another clean white towel or washcloth. Don't saturate the stain. Instead, apply a small amount of alcohol at a time, working through the stain in sections. Make sure you blot the stain, rather than rubbing or wiping, to avoid spreading the oil to other areas of the carpet.

  3. Make a diluted cleaning solution

    Mix a quart of warm water with 1/4 teaspoon of liquid dish detergent. The dish detergent should be free of bleach and lanolin.

  4. Apply the cleaning solution to the stain

    Apply the detergent-water solution to the stain with a clean sponge. Blot the carpet until the stain lifts.