What Is the Vegas Roach Trap?


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The Vegas roach trap uses a bait technique to trap a roach in a glass or jar. The trap got its name from a Las Vegas news broadcast that explained the process. A jar or glass, beer, chocolate or coffee grounds and petroleum jelly are needed for this technique.

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To set up the Vegas roach trap, coat the inside of a Mason jar or glass with a thin layer of petroleum jelly. Next, pour 1 inch of beer into a jar, or blend an inch of water with chocolate or coffee grounds, and pour the mixture into the jar or glass. Placing the jar against the wall overnight allows the fragrance of the bait to lure the cockroach into the jar. The petroleum jelly traps the cockroach by making the jar or glass too slippery for the cockroach to escape. Double-faced tape can be also be placed along the jar or glass to trap roaches as they approach the bait.

The Vegas roach trap is considered a natural pest control method because it uses household items and presents no risk to kids or pets. The downside of the Vegas roach trap is that it takes longer to be effective than other methods, it does not kill the nest and different jars are needed for each infested area.

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