What Are Some Varieties of Sunflowers?


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The Giant Sungold, the Mammoth Russian and the Strawberry Blond are different varieties of sunflowers. The Giant Sungold is characterized by a large puffy bloom and grows over 6 feet in height. The Mammoth Russian is a more traditional looking sunflower and grows between 9 and 12 feet tall.

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The Strawberry Blond is a unique variety of sunflower that veers from the usual bright yellow petals common to this plant. It grows petals that are rosy and pink at the base. Another variety of sunflower, known as the Joker, grows red and yellow, semi-double to fully-double blooms, with petals that curl in around the center. One other variety is the Italian White sunflower. This plant grows 4-inch blooms and has a center that is chocolate brown in color. The Italian White grows between 5 and 7 feet tall.

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