What Are Some Varieties of Perennials That Flower in Winter?


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Some of the perennials that bloom during winter are cyclamen, hellebore, snowdrop, brunnera and hepatica. Bergenia, candytuft, winter jasmine, pansy and calendula are other winter-blooming perennials.

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Snowdrop is a grass-like plant with small white flowers that appear in late winter. Hellebore, also known as Christmas rose, blooms in late winter to early spring, with the bloom color depending on its variety. Brunnera, also known as Siberian bugloss, is an evergreen perennial with clumps of fuzzy, heart-shaped leaves that are interesting during cold winter months. The plant has tiny, bright blue flowers and prefers cool and moist shade.

Hepatica, which is associated with the anemone family, is a tiny, low-growing plant whose white, pink or blue flowers open as early as late winter or early spring. Candytuft is a woody evergreen that grows the best in areas with mild winters. With its cascading white flowers, it is perfect for rock gardens. Cyclamen produces beautiful prolific blooms, ranging from 3 to 6 inches tall in gorgeous pink and white. It displays attractive foliage that lasts from winter through spring.

Winter heath is a low-growing, spreading evergreen plant with purple-pink flowers that bloom from later winter to spring. It makes a good ground cover plant with its beautiful dangling flowers.

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