What Are Varieties of Peas for a Garden?


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There are four main varieties of peas suitable for a garden: English, snow, snap and southern. When purchasing seed, plan for 1/4 pound of seed per person eating the peas. If plans involve preserving peas for winter use, double the amount of seed.

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The two types of English peas are dwarf and tall. The tall variety needs a fence or some type of support for growth. Snow peas are typically eaten pods and all. These types of peas are harvested before the pod has filled out. If the pods develop too quickly, shell, cook, and eat them as English peas.

Snap peas are sweet in flavor and delicious raw or cooked. Snap peas are sometimes referred to as sugar snap peas. Southern peas are often referred to as black-eyed peas. Southern peas are drought-resistant and need a warm soil to germinate. The cool, damp weather that English peas like is the exact opposite of what this variety of peas needs to thrive.

Peas are easy to raise as they take little work and mature rapidly. Plant the seeds soon after working up the garden. Peas can be grown in any part of the country even though some varieties prefer cool, moist weather.

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