What Are Some Varieties of Oak Trees?

What Are Some Varieties of Oak Trees?

While there are over 400 types of oaks, some of the varieties in the United States include black oak, white oak, northern read oak and live oak. The fruit of oak trees is the acorn, and the leaves form in an alternating pattern.

Black oaks are medium sized trees that are native to the eastern United States. The provide food for deer, mice and birds. The trees are somewhat fire resistant and able to withstand low severity forest fires due to their thick bark.

White oaks have the same native range as black oaks but are a popular lumber tree. The formation of acorns from the white oak requires approximately 10 days of moderate temperatures when the tree forms flowers, and while white oaks form a prolific number of acorns, which serve as seed for their reproduction, the weather limits heavy acorn crops to every four to 10 years.

The northern red oak grows up to 24 inches per year during the first 10 years of its life. During the fall, it provides a brilliant red foliage. It is hardy in most of the United States and has been successfully transplanted into Europe.

The live oak lives hundreds of years, and Spanish moss often hangs from its limbs. Shipbuilders used live oak in the construction of the U.S.S. Constitution. It is resistant to the wind and grows in many different soil types.