What Are the Varieties of Dwarf Spruce Trees?


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Some of the different types of dwarf spruce trees include the bird nest’s spruce, dwarf Alberta spruce, Norway spruce and arborvitae. These shorter spruce trees are ideal for small spaces.

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The bird’s nest spruce is approximately 2 to 4 feet tall when fully grown. It is native to Europe and is appropriate for USDA zones three through eight. This is a variety of the Norway spruce that has a round shrub and a top that looks similar to a bird’s nest. The trees are so small that they work in any size yard or garden, including in container gardens. The dwarf Alberta spruce tree can get a little taller, reaching up to 12 feet tall. It is native to Canada and the United States, grows well in zones two through eight and features a spiral shrub topiary when it is grown.

One of the more popular types of dwarf spruce trees is the Norway spruce, which has dark green foliage and a pyramid shape. It grows quickly, which is why many people choose this type of tree. The Norway spruce works well with a wide range of soils, can handle wind and needs as much sun as possible. Another spruce tree that works well in most geographic locations is the arborvitae. It looks like a classic conifer tree with clusters of cones and a pyramid shape. It attracts wildlife, including deer.

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