What Are Some Varieties of Arborvitae?


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Some different varieties of arborvitae are the emerald green plant, Eastern arborvitae, golden globe and little giant. There are also many others, such as the western red cedar and nigra.

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Arborvitae trees are evergreen trees with leaves that look like scales. Some of them bear fruit or flowers, though not all of them do. They range in size between two feet and over 40 feet tall, depending on the variety.

The Eastern arborvitae is one of the tallest varieties, reaching up to 60 feet tall. It is most commonly found in North America. The emerald green arborvitae, also called smaragd, reaches about 10 feet tall and grows slower than some of the other varieties. The golden globe is a shorter arborvitae tree, reaching just two to three feet tall. This tree has gold foliage and is a good accent tree.

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