How Do You Value Vintage Italian Ceramics?


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Vintage Italian ceramics, like other artifacts, are commonly valued by art dealers, antique dealers and auction houses. Although it is possible to get a vintage item appraised online from websites such as What's It Worth, Barnebys.com or Appraisal Day, such a valuation is not necessarily accurate or credible. Contact a legitimate appraiser for a certified report on an item's value.

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The value of a vintage Italian ceramic piece depends on factors such as age, rarity and physical condition. Generally, the older it is, the more valuable it is. Additionally, the older a piece is, the more likely that other similar pieces have not survived, increasing the rarity of it. Equally important, too, is how well the piece has weathered, whether it has been handled or damaged significantly or is still in pristine condition.

Vintage items are typically between 20 and 100 years old, while antique items are over 100 years. Retro items, conversely, are defined as anything other than current styles.

Capodimonte ceramics, for example, are a set of antique pieces produced by the Italian King Charles VII's hilltop Royal Factory in the mid to late 18th century. The workshop produced volumes of plates, vases, bowls, mugs, teacups, saucers and other assorted ceramic and porcelain items.

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