How Do You Find the Value of Vintage Dinnerware?


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An antique dealer can offer an appraisal of vintage dinnerware. A reputable antique auction house can be a good resource if you have very special dinnerware or want a detailed opinion. The value of vintage dinnerware can vary based on the type of dinnerware, total number of pieces, color, age and demand.

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Collectors can find a large selection of vintage dinnerware for sale on eBay.com. Listings can help others determine the market price for their own collections, however, a professional opinion is far more accurate.

Small differences, such as pattern or a few chips in enamel, can change the value of dinnerware considerably, making it hard for individuals without experience in antiques to determine real value. Online guides to popular lines, such as Fiesta ware, can aid in the process.

Get several opinions as to the value to get the most accurate price range. Cultural trends and fads can sometimes have a big impact on the value of a particular piece of dinnerware. Sometimes the rarest and most expensive items are those that were not produced in large numbers and were not popular when first produced. Popular patterns sometimes command a high price simply because not as many people are willing to part with prized pieces.

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