How Do You Find the Value of Used Appliances?


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One way to find the value of a used appliance is to browse online auction and classifieds sites for similar makes and models and create an average estimate based on their condition. Another method involves using a donation write-off pricing guide, such as the one offered by The Salvation Army.

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The most important aspect of used appliance valuation to keep in mind is the condition of the unit. Used appliances are sold at a lower price compared to new appliances because a new appliance has never been used and does not feature any damage, either cosmetically or structurally. For example, if a new refrigerator from a recognizable brand sells for $800, a used version of the same model and brand that has many visible scratches and several non-functioning parts should be priced much lower.

Online auction sites are a good place to search for current market values on used appliances because of the high sales volumes on these sites. Sellers on major auction sites price items so that they sell, which means they constantly adjust prices to meet buyer demand. It is best to look at several listings from several different sellers to gain a well-rounded understanding of current pricing trends.

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