How Do You Find the Value of Hummel Figurines?


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Consult a Hummel price guide, such as "The No. 1 Price Guide to M.I. Hummel" by Robert Miller or the online guide at Antique-HQ.com, to identify authentic Hummel figurines and their values. Figurines in excellent condition range in value from $30 to over $1,000.

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Price guides offer suggested values for authentic, mint-condition figurines. Many Hummel figurines are worth $100 or more, but small chips or cracks can significantly decrease their value. Figurines in original packaging are more highly valued. Certificates of Authenticity may increase the value of figurines, but are not required, since figurines have identifying marks that make authentication straightforward.

Authentic Hummel figurines have Sister M. I. Hummel's signature, the Goebel trademark and a mold number. The Goebel trademark design has changed throughout the years, so it can provide a benchmark for determining each figurine's age. Look up your figurines' mold numbers in a price guide for specific manufacturing dates. Figurines from the 1930s are worth much more than recently manufactured ones.

Goebel manufactures several Hummel figurines in multiple sizes. In these cases, larger figurines are more valuable than smaller ones. Mold numbers ending in "/0" or containing a Roman numeral indicate figurines that are available in multiple sizes.

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