How Do You Find the Value of Depression Glassware?

How Do You Find the Value of Depression Glassware?

To find the value of Depression glassware, consider how rare the piece is, its pattern and color, and the current demand. Go to antique shows and conventions, and consult dealers specializing in this type of glassware. Also, browse the Internet for websites pertaining to Depression glassware collectors, and go through the book "Kovels' Depression Glass and Dinnerware Pricelist."

Most rare pieces of Depression glassware were minimally finished and hand-treated after removing from the mold.

Pieces with colors and patterns that are less available command a higher price than those that were produced in greater numbers. For example, Depression glassware in tangerine and lavender are highly priced as they were not popular during manufacture, which increases their demand. On the other hand, amber and yellow items hold a lesser value, since they are more easily available.

Dealers of Depression glassware can help you evaluate the piece. Antique shows and conventions such as that held by the National Depression Glass Association every year bring together several dealers and private collectors of Depression glassware. However, the price obtained from dealers tends to be less than the retail price of the piece displayed at antique shows.

The Kovels' book provides information regarding the manufacturer of the Depression glass and its patterns, includes a timeline regarding glass production, and helps in pricing different types of Depression glassware pieces accurately.