What Is the Value of a Colt Woodsman Pistol With Serial Number 180328-S?


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Ascertaining the exact value of a Colt Woodsman pistol requires a hands-on examination to determine its condition and if it is all original. Prices online in September 2014 range from $450 to $12,500. The pistols in the upper range of prices are factory engraved. Nonfactory modifications lower the value.

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The serial number 180328-S mean that the gun was likely manufactured in the late 1950s, after World War II. Pre-WWII editions are worth more money. In addition to year and originality, Colt Woodsman barrel length impacts value, with the 4.5-inch barrel worth more than the 6-inch barrel. Huntsman models are the least valuable Colt models, followed by Targetsman and Challenger, respectively.

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