How Do You Find the Value of an Antique Hand Saw?

To determine an antique hand saw's value, first inspect it for damage. Dents, chips and rust can all affect the tool's value. Next, identify the brand name and product line. Top of the line antique tools that feature quality components in good condition are of the most interest to collectors.

After identifying the brand, try to determine the saw's rarity. Some older tools are very rare, especially when in good condition. Original paperwork and packaging can also increase the value.

Antique tool dealers such as and offer appraisal services for a fee. The appraisal information at states that condition is the most important factor in estimating a tool's value; a common tool in its original box is worth more than a rare tool that is in poor condition. The valuers at prefer to see the saw in person when appraising it, but are able to perform appraisals based on photographs and information about its construction. also offers appraisal services from photographs. The service includes a date of manufacture, maker and model information, an assessment of the saw's condition, an approximate valuation and any other relevant information. also deals in antique hand saws and offers blade-sharpening services.