Are There Any Valuable Parts in an Old TV?


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Old cathode ray tube televisions contain valuable copper materials, according to waste recycling company B.W. Recycling. However, the difficulty and dangers involved in extracting these materials typically make the effort unprofitable.

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Are There Any Valuable Parts in an Old TV?
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Cathode ray tube televisions contain a significant amount of copper in the yoke of the interior, as well as some copper on printed circuit boards. Disassembling the television to extract the yoke is laborious, and extraction of the copper from the circuit boards is not economical. While some scrap dealers buy circuit boards to extract other valuable metals such as platinum or gold, these materials are rarely present on the circuit boards of cathode ray tube televisions. It is possible to resell the plastic casing and some wiring present in these televisions, according to B.W. Recycling, but these parts are not considered especially valuable.

In addition to the difficulty of extracting parts from an older cathode ray tube television, it is also hazardous to disassemble such a television without following the proper procedures. Electricity in the cathode ray tube is capable of producing a dangerous electrical shock if the cathode ray tube is not discharged before handling. Electricity remaining in the power supplies within the television poses a similar hazard.

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