How Do You Vacuum a Pool?

How Do You Vacuum a Pool?

To vacuum a pool, assemble the vacuum, lower the vacuum head to the pool bottom, and then plug the hose into the pool skimmer. Switch the filter to intake, and move the vacuum along the floor of the pool to remove all dirt and debris.

  1. Assemble the pool vacuum

    Pool vacuums consist of a telescoping pole, a hose and a vacuum head. Insert the pole into the hinged connector on the back of the vacuum head, and push the hose over the tubing that goes through the head.

  2. Place the vacuum head on the bottom of the pool

    Use the pole to lower the head to the pool bottom while holding the free end of the hose.

  3. Insert the hose in the skimmer

    Find the skimmer outlet on the side of the pool, and push the free end of the vacuum hose into the skimmer nozzle.

  4. Wait for the hose to fill with water

    Watch the bubbles coming out of the vacuum head. When it stops bubbling, the hose is full of water.

  5. Switch the filter nozzle to intake mode

    Put the filter in intake mode so that it creates suction in the hose.

  6. Run the vacuum over the pool bottom

    Push and pull the vacuum across the pool bottom. Work in an orderly pattern to cover the entire pool.