How Do You Vacuum an Above-Ground Pool?

To vacuum an above-ground pool, skim the surface, clean the pump skimmer basket, turn on the pump, assemble the vacuum, prime it, connect it to the suction port, and vacuum the pool floor. This 30-minute process requires a pole, a vacuum head, a vacuum hose and a skimmer disk.

  1. Skim the surface

    Skim the surface of the water, and dump out the debris.

  2. Clean the pump skimmer basket

    Lift the skimmer basket out of the filter assembly, dump out the contents, put the basket back, and switch on the pump.

  3. Install the vacuum head

    Screw the vacuum hose to the vacuum head, and attach the head to a telescoping pole.

  4. Prime the vacuum

    Place one hand on the pole, and hold the vacuum hose with the other. Lower the head of the vacuum into the pool, and hold the open end of the hose in front of the water return jet. Hold the hose over the jet until bubbles stop streaming from the vacuum head.

  5. Connect the hose to the suction port

    Slip the skimmer disk over the open end of the vacuum hose, and slide it over the suction port.

  6. Vacuum the pool

    Grip the vacuum pole with both hands, and slowly push the vacuum head across the pool floor. Make overlapping parallel passes until the bottom of the pool is clean.