What Is Usually Included on a Restroom Cleaning Checklist?


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A restroom cleaning checklist usually includes the chores involved with cleaning the restroom such as cleaning restroom sinks, toilet areas and floors as well as a schedule for employee restroom cleaning duties. Restroom checklists commonly include a comments section and a list of supplies that need stocking.

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Restroom cleaning checklists may display lists of duties for cleaning public restrooms including tasks such as polishing soap dispensers, wiping and polishing grab bars, cleaning partitions and walls, cleaning countertops and fixtures and emptying trashcans. The checklists could also display which employee is supposed to clean the bathroom at a specific time, meaning that employees are held accountable for the state of the bathroom. The checklist also shows the minimum frequency of restroom cleaning sessions. The number of daily cleanings varies based on the type of business the restroom is located in as well as the municipality or area.

The checklist compiles tasks for the employee to complete during the restroom cleaning and gives a list of necessities that need fresh stocking each session such as toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, air freshener and seat covers. Restroom checklists also include information on how to report cleaning problems. They may also explain techniques to use while cleaning, such as using color-coded cloths to reduce the spread of bacteria.

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