What Are Some Uses for ZAR Wood Stain?

What Are Some Uses for ZAR Wood Stain?

ZAR manufactures three types of wood stain that can be used for projects such as staining hardwood floors and counter tops, refinishing furniture and staining wood accents for home decor. ZAR sells both oil-based and polyurethane stains in a variety of colors.

ZAR's classic oil-based stain is a stain and finish product in one. Its consistency is similar to furniture polish, and it can be applied with ease. This oil-based stain comes in over 20 colors and shades, such as walnut, teak, mocha and rosewood.

A second option is ZAR's modified oil wood stain. This product is VOC-compliant and boasts low fumes and quick drying times. The modified oil wood stain comes in six colors, including ebony, cayenne pepper and wheat.

For customers seeking a polyurethane-based product, ZAR offers the Ultra ZAR Plus stain. This option dries quickly and comes in both satiny and glossy finishes. Ultra ZAR Plus is sold in six colors, including cherry, dark mahogany and honey maple.

All varieties of ZAR wood stains absorb evenly to prevent streaks and variations in color. In addition to its wood stains, ZAR sells clear finishes that seal and protect stained wood. ZAR finishes come in oil-based and polyurethane varieties.