What Are Some Uses for Wire Racks?


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Wire shelving racks work well as storage for various items throughout the home. They can store tools in a garage, boxes of seasonal decorations or clothing in a storage room or appliances in a kitchen. The racks may also serve as bookcases or organizers for bathroom and bedroom items.

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Wire racks offer a wide range of shelving storage options, with garage or outdoor storage being common due to the sturdy nature of the design. The metal is also easier to clean, which makes them useful for storing items in dirty environments. Similarly, the shelves are a common storage destination for items that are not clean themselves, such as tools or sports equipment, which frequently impart dirt and debris. Some owners also use the racks to hold bins of seasonal items in a garage or storage area, as these do not require frequent or easy access.

In the kitchen, wire racks can store items such as appliances, cookbooks and different ingredients. Owners often put the racks in a pantry to hold surplus cooking supplies or related food preparation items. The easy-to-clean metal design also makes them a common choice for storing cleaning supplies in a laundry room. Some smaller wire racks can also serve as storage for clothing or other items in a bedroom or bathroom, as well as papers and electronics in an office.

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