What Are Some Uses for Wall-Mounted Storage Shelves?

What Are Some Uses for Wall-Mounted Storage Shelves?

Common uses for wall-mounted storage shelves include use as a bookshelf, creating a picture gallery, a place to organize DVDs and CDs, use as a dish rack or a collectibles display case. Wall-mounted storage shelves can be used for decorative or utilitarian purposes.

Tips for using wall-mounted storage shelves to stores books include alphabetizing and categorizing books for easy location; alternating the orientation of the books or stacking them to add a more appeal; adding accents such as vases and knick-knacks; and grouping together like-colored spines in order to accent a room's decor.

Creating an interesting picture gallery on wall-mounted shelves can be achieved by lining the shelves with framed pictures. In some instances, alternating pictureless frames helps create a shabby-chic aesthetic. Pictures to include range from family portraits and outings with friends to a framed picture a young family member has drawn or a rough sketch.

Wall-mounted shelves are very useful as a media storage unit. DVDs can be grouped together and CDs grouped separately. Some wall-mounted shelves are deep enough to include actual media players, such as cellphone docks, speakers or flat-screen televisions.

Wall-mounted shelves can also be used as accent pieces to display collectibles, such as fine china, figurines, baseball cards and memorabilia, and smaller antiques.