What Are Some Uses for Vinyl Tarps?


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Temporary roof repair and insulation when camping are two uses for a vinyl tarp. A waterproof tarp held in place with screws and strips of wood temporarily covers holes in damaged roofs. When camping, vinyl tarps strung between trees protect the campsite from excessive sun and wind.

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To use as a temporary roof repair, the homeowner can wrap the sides of the tarp around strips of wood and screw the tarp into place on the roof to protect the interior of a home from weather damage until a roofer patches the hole. For long-term protection, homeowners should wrap the tarp around a piece of plywood.

When camping, campers can string the tarp up between two trees with twine through the grommets to create a temporary wall that blocks high winds and offers shade. The tarps also protect campers from bird droppings and falling leaves when cooking.

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