What Are Some Uses for Vintage Jars?


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Some good uses for vintage jars are turning them into candle holders, placing small plants inside and using them for decoration or display. Jars are also excellent for storing spices and other bulk goods for the cabinet.

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Vintage jars make excellent candle holders. They can hold larger pillar candles or votives. You can also make your own candles directly in the jar by placing the wick in, then pouring liquid wax. Once it hardens, trim the wick. Add scents while the wax is still liquid, such as essential oils. Just make sure the jars are made of a glass that can handle the heat of a candle burning.

You can also store small plants and terrariums in vintage jars. This allows for a more decorative container for succulents and other plants that don’t need a lot of water. Choose a jar that is large enough to accommodate watering the plant and giving it space to grow.

Some people use the most decorative vintage jars simply as decoration. Use an assortment of different colors, styles and sizes and place them on a windowsill or on a shelf. They are good for indoor and outdoor decoration. You can display them empty or with small items inside. They can also become time capsules by placing memories from each vacation or event in each of the candles. After visiting the beach with the family, put sand and seashells inside a jar.

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