What Are Some Uses for Very Small Plastic Containers?


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Some uses for very small plastic containers include storing certain foods and organizing bathroom and office items. Another use for small plastic containers is for containing items needed when traveling, such as vitamins or other pills, lotions and ointments.

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Small plastic containers are useful for storing small food items, such as spices or nuts. In small kitchens, these containers are easily stacked for efficient use of space. Small containers are also used to store leftover dressings, oils and rubs. For those who bring a lunch to work or school, very small containers conveniently hold a single serving of salad dressing or toppings, such as nuts or dried fruit.

Very small plastic containers are also useful for organizing an office space or bathroom. In an office, these containers make it easy to sort and contain tiny office supplies in desk drawers. This includes staples, paper clips, push pins and stamps. They are also ideal for sorting art supplies like beads, different types of thread or sewing needles. In the bathroom, small plastic containers help organize and store rubber hair bands and bobby pins.

Whether on a day trip or a longer vacation, very small plastic containers store lotions, makeup and other toiletries while using space efficiently.

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